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Armenian American painter Arthur Pinajian being shown and sold locally
DAKAR, 21 March 2013 (IRIN) - Aid watchdogs have been pushing for more transparent governance and information on financial flows, but just how much progress has been made over the past couple of years? full report

Analysis: Politicians, donors question donor neutrality in Nepal
Donors pledge $1.5 billion in aid to Syria while demanding more access
UGANDA: Aid cuts threaten vital public services
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Sequester Shenanigans The Latest Scam In GOP’s War On US Economy
Sequester Shenanigans The Latest Scam In GOP’s War On US Economy

Islam Times - And so the government-sanctioned elder abuse – as well as the assault on workers and children all over America – begins. The bull shit we face over the coming month through the sequestration budget cuts was preplanned, not accidental. Holding the ...